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Spetses & Porto Heli

Porto Heli
Distance: 2.5 hr by car
Porto Heli is a seaside village located in the south of Argolida.  At a 3-hour drive from Athens and 7 km from the enchanting Spetses. Is one of the most touristic destinations as it offers the tranquility of the sea as well as the fun nightlife.  Still, Porto Heli is framed by wonderful beaches such as the golden coast, costa, limakia and more.  From the port of Costa ferries depart daily to Spetses but also to other nearby islands of the Saronic Gulf as well as to the stunning beach of Kouniria.

Distance: 5m drive to Costa port, 10 min by sea taxi
Spetses island is tucked in the Saronic gulf, is an idyllic getaway with a carefree summer vibe, its tree-fringed coastline filled with charming bays and secluded coves. Once home to ship-owners and captains, the island carries its long nautical traditional with panache, the waterfront lined by sailboats and yachts combining a cosmopolitan flair with traditional charm. The waterfront is bordered by neoclassical mansions, some restored, others scarred by the passing of time.

The elegance of the architecture and the island’s glorious past are evident in its modern way of life.  There are no construction monstrosities – newer houses are built to respect the local traditional architecture. The nightlife is buzzy, but there is no excess of debauchery – something that often tarnishes some of the most popular Mediterranean destinations.

On weekends, Athenian weekenders join the fun-loving crowd of locals, yachters and in-the-know tourists who flock to the port’s cheerful cafes, watching the coming and going of yachts, water-taxis and horse-carriages. As the day turns into night, everyone descends on the waterfront joints, strolling happily from bar to bar, sipping cocktails, chatting, and enjoying the music.

5 reasons to visit Spetses

Distance: 35m by boat
Hydra, which got its name from the numerous water sources(ύδωρ, water) that flooded the island in ancient times, may be a small island but it remains one of the most cosmopolitan. Located in the Argosaronic Sea, the close distance from Porto Heli favored the natives to engage early and intensively in trade and shipping, where they excelled and filled the island with wealth. Exploring local delicacies but also the beauties of the island while traveling without cars, as they are not allowed on the island, will make your stay as if from another era. You can arrive in Ydra in just 35 minutes from Porto Heli by boat, or 30 minutes drive to Metoxi and then take a sea taxi for just 10 minutes. There are daily and frequent services, making Hydra a perfect and ideal destination for day trips.

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